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A new concept in insulation efficiency...Insulhold.
Insul-Hold as its name implies is a support system for insulation products.   Designed to anchor and hold most types of insulation in the correct position, whether used to prevent heat loss or to control sound, Insul-Hold assures maximum insulation efficiency.  Insul-Hold also doubles as horizontal bracing which prevents insulation from falling too deeply into the wall cavity.  Suitable for use in interior or exterior walls, in ceilings and crawl spaces, as well as in basements, it provides support even where sheathing is not required.  Insul-Hold is ideal for use in pre-fab and conventional homes, industrial and steel buildings, be they new or retrofit.  Easy to use Insul-Hold saves time, energy and money.
When used properly*, Insul-Hold is cost effective.  It remarkably cuts the time and energy normally involved with hanging insulation.   When using Insul-Hold, you no longer struggle with the frustrations of sagging and falling insulation, and especially, you avoid costly, insulation related, call backs.  When Insul-Hold is used, insulation immediately hangs correctly and stays in place; no need to start over and over.   What is saved in time alone exceeds material cost.

See the difference Insul-Hold makes under the best of circumstances. Fabricated with 24 gauge galvanized metal, Insul-Hold never rusts.  For added convenience the 100 feet rolls are delivered in self-dispensing boxes, no larger than a pizza box.  Insul-Hold is pulled out of the box as needed; there is no need to pre-cut and measure, no struggling with entangled lengths, installation is quick and easy.  

Insul-Hold rolls are pre-punched every 8 inches with a uniquely designed arrow for quick and easy fastening to stud layout.  The pre-punched arrows remain flat until they are folded out, just prior to hanging insulation.  Insul-Hold lies flat, making it easy and, especially, safe to use.

See the difference Insul-Hold makes under the best of circumstances.
See the difference Insul-Hold makes under the best of circumstances. Furthermore, the 3" arrow lengths may be varied by bending them at different points on the arrow, making them ideal for use with various insulation densities.  The unique arrow design allows insulation to be slipped easily onto the arrows, but prevents it from slipping off.  When used properly*, the unique arrow penetrates without protruding through the insulation preventing thermal short-circuiting, and it does not break through the vapor barrier.  Insul-Hold can be used on virtually any surface.

But, time saving isn't the only benefit of using Insul-Hold.  Insulation can often drop inside wall cavities for many reasons; vibration, moisture and water absorption, either from natural atmospheric conditions or job hazards.  Regardless of the factors involved, Insul-Hold prevents insulation from falling.  With Insul-Hold, insulation remains in its original position until it is gutted out.   Insulation thus continues to prevent heat and sound loss more efficiently, a lot longer.  With the costs of energy these days, using Insul-Hold to support insulation is beneficial to everyone.  Insul-Hold adds safety, strength and reliability to any construction project, big or small.
See the difference Insul-Hold makes under the best of circumstances.

*To view proper installation directions click here.